Recruitment and selection of junior talent

We optimise the recruitment and selection processes of potential candidates through multiple online and offline channels. We specialise in university profiles, recent graduates, and junior talent for scholarship positions, internships, Graduate Programs, first jobs, and intermediate positions.

Employer branding strategies

We conceptualise and execute employer branding strategies and online as well as offline communication campaigns so that companies can connect, attract, recruit, capture, and retain the best junior talent by offering attractive proposals.

Networking & Speed dating with candidates

We organise networking sessions and spaces by sectors and/or backgrounds in an exclusive manner with our clients in order to help both companies and candidates to have the first contact.

JOBConferences & JOBFairs

We hold employment and career guidance conferences for university candidates and junior graduates, from its conceptualisation to its execution. The objective is to group companies from all sectors that have the need to recruit, connect or activate their Employment Branding.

Job offer publication in our platform

We offer our platform as a tool for companies to publish job offers, receive applications, and manage them safely within the LPDO framework. Job offers may be for work, internships, Graduate Programs, research, contests, volunteering, and training.

Offsite meetings & Team buildings

We develop group or individual activities to improve interpersonal relationships and soft skills, both in teams and in on-boarding processes, generating a creative and positive climate. We have our own space for the development of exclusive activities.


Job bank

We organise sectoral networking activities and meetings so that university students and recent graduates can have direct contact with multinational companies, SMEs, and startups that are currently recruiting.

Professional and career guidance

We help students plan their professional careers, from self-assessment, personal branding, internship search strategies, employment or job improvement. We also help with the preparation of their elevator pitch, their interviews, job dynamics, and other selection methods.

Job search tools

We offer practical workshops on the preparation of a good curriculum and cover letter, on job search channels as well as on how to face an interview and what type of job contracts there exist.

Individual and group reports

We identify the professional potential, the transversal competences, and the compatibility by positions, through diverse tests and methods. We use simple, fast, and highly efficient methods for selection.

Networking with companies

We put university candidates and business schools in contact with the Human Resources teams of multinational companies, SMEs, and startups in order to increase their networking, improve their communication skills, and grant them access to exclusive job offers.

JOBConferences & JOBFairs

We organise job fairs to publicise new Executive Education offers and specialised courses aimed at employability. Likewise, networking and collective learning channels are activated.


Professional potential reports

We measure your professional potential, soft skills, and job compatibility through tests and gamification in a simple, fast, and effective way.

Networking with companies

We organise conferences, employment forums, after-works, and networkings where candidates participate and connect directly with the Human Resources teams of recruiting companies.

Professional guidance

We help you plan your professional career, from self-knowledge to the strategy to achieve your goals, preparing tools, interviews, and activating job search channels

Professional career - Graduate Programs

We advise each candidate on what national and international offers and opportunities exist according to their training, background, potential, interests, and abilities.

Job offers and internships in our platform

Candidates can freely register and apply to job offers, internships, and professional opportunities from our clients; leading companies, multinationals, SMEs, NGOs, family businesses, universities, institutions, and startups.

Servicios Talent Point

Career Academy Program

We offer individualised or group advise, either online or in-person, about professional careers and job search. Visit our Program.