We organise congresses and meetings where companies, universities, institutions, and Human Resources professionals directly connect with potential candidates. During our events, companies can interview, perform dynamics, present, pose challenges, and organise escape games and contests, among other activities.

There are open networking spaces with university candidates and junior graduates from diverse backgrounds, universities, and business schools, both national and international.

Companies, our clients, have the opportunity to connect directly with the BEST JUNIOR TALENT and candidates have the opportunity to access all professional opportunities that they offer as well as discover their:

⬤   Graduate Programs
⬤   Internship Programs
⬤   Job offers
⬤   Top-rated profiles
⬤   Selection policies
⬤   Professional activity
⬤   Values and culture
⬤   Professional and personal development offer
⬤   Social benefits

7 editions held

3 editions held
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